Top 10 Camping ‘must-have’ and ‘I want’ items

As  we are heading off camping this summer I thought I would share with you a list of my Top 10 ‘must have’ and ‘I want’ items. Last year we went camping to France and stayed on the wonderful Ile D’Oleron at a Camping Indigo site which you can read about here.

This year we still haven’t decided whether we are staying put in the British Isles or heading back to France. (We had better decide quick as we are off in 3 weeks time!) Wherever we do decide to spend our holiday there are some camping essentials we can’t live without and a few I want to take this year for the first time. I am a big believer in trying to make camping as comfortable as possible, especially when you are going camping as your main family get away for the year. Who want’s to come home feeling drained and shattered from roughing it for a week? You will need another holiday to get over it!


1. Blankets or Rugs

rugs camping

You can’t have enough of these. They look pretty and can add an extra layer of warmth and comfort if you get a chilly night. I found these on not on the high street from Ellie Ellie for £16.80 and they are made from recycled wool. Beautiful and ethical!


2. Bikes

bikes family

We always try to pick somewhere that has plenty of safe cycling. Who wants to be cycling with children near loads of traffic? Most campsites are great places for children to bike and scoot, but it is worth checking as I have seen a few recently where this has been banned!

3. Camping Gaz Party Grill


We bought ours nearly 8 years ago and it has been brilliant! It can grill and be a burner so we have got by with only this for our cooking needs. Plus it comes in a handy carry case making it easy to transport. You can get them here on Amazon for £47.99 well worth the cost.

4. Proper plates and cutlery


Having proper plates and cutlery to eat from really makes a huge difference to your mind set when it comes to camping food. We bought some cheap ones from IKEA that if they broke wouldn’t make me too sad. The one in the picture is 50p!

5. A good table


We have a great table that stores these 4 chairs neatly inside. Again sitting at a table to eat really makes a big difference rather than having to always eat off your lap.

6. A good penknife


This is an invaluable piece of kit and who does it better than the Swiss?  This one pictured comes in at under £20.

7. A cosy jumper


You can’t beat having a cosy jumper to keep you warm on chilly nights. This one pictured is a cashmere and merino mix from Woolovers and is currently on offer for £30.

8.  A big bag for everything


I bought one similar to this in France years ago and it comes everywhere with us. It is great for taking toys, going to the beach or shopping at the market. I found this one on not on the high street from Bohemia for £22.

The two items I really want for this year are

9. An enamel teapot

enamel teapot

I love my tea and spied this gorgeous teapot on not on the high street  from Baker + Bell for £17.

10. Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean

emporium of clean

These amazing smellies from the people at Professor Scrubbington are designed for kids but are too good to be just for them. They smell amazing and being made from aloe vera are kind to everyone. These will really save on space as the whole family can use them. £20 for the complete set of products from Professor Scrubbington.

Do you have any must have or I want items for your camping trips? I would love to hear what they are.




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30 Responses to Top 10 Camping ‘must-have’ and ‘I want’ items

  1. aNoviceMum says:

    Grrrhhhhh; just lost my comment. Will have another go: I’m not a camping person as such but this looks like a good list. I think I’ll go for disposable plates and cutlery because they are easy to manage. However, they are not the best for the environment; so maybe a cheap reusable Ikea plate is better. :-) #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

  2. Lizzie Roles says:

    We’re not natural campers but your list makes me want to try it. Love the enamel teapot! Xo

  3. Eimear says:

    Great post – we’re about to embark on our first camping trip this summer so great tips there! #brilliantblogposts

  4. Mum in Brum says:

    I absolutely love camping and your list has just made me want to pack up the tent for the weekend! We haven’t been this year yet. Great list – a cosy jumper is definitely a must. And a rain mac just in case! :)

    • admin says:

      I am the look out for a great mac for camping. Still using an old pacamac that I fell in love with about 8 years ago! xx

  5. Chloe says:

    I love camping. We want to go soon & it’ll be the first time as a family. This list will definitely come in handy. xx


    • admin says:

      I was really apprehensive about our first family camping trip but family camping is even more fun than when we were a couple. Hope you have a great time x

  6. Emma T says:

    We’re going camping this year – 1st time with N – with other mum friends and all the kids. Going to be manic, but I’ve got many on your list, so reckon I’m doing pretty well #brilliantblogposts

  7. MyLifeMyLove says:

    Ooh I’m not a keen camper at all but with all of those on your list, it might well change my mind! The grill looks fab and I definitely agree on the cosy jumper! And maybe if I was camping in France, it might persuade me! Have a lovely time wherever you decide to go. Thanks for linking up. Xx

  8. Oooh what a lovely Camping must haves list. I’m not huge on camping I have to say but looking at all your lovely ideas makes me want to pack up and go – France sounds like a good option too.
    Sammy x

    • admin says:

      France was where we cut our teeth, so to speak! It is really geared up for camping and the weather helps too! #ThisWeekIveLoved xxx

  9. Lyn Bown says:

    I’m not a huge fan of camping but that’s a great list of bits to have. I really like the jumper. X #thisweekiveloved

  10. Zoe dunn says:

    My camping must have is def the car plug for my straightners!!! I can’t cope if I’ve got total bed head all day lol! #thisweekiveloved

    • admin says:

      I love it!! I have never heard of these, I am so curly haired that I gave up with my straightners a long time ago 😉 Thanks for dropping by xxxx

  11. Thanks for linking up to #Tenthings! Our main camping need is a new tent! Last time we went camping it sprung several leaks and we were sleeping in puddles!

    Stevie xx #TenThings

  12. Steph says:

    Ohhhh! I’m a bit sulky now! This has totally made me want to go camping! We’ve never been as our little family, but I have suc fond memories of camping with my own parents oh so many years ago! Love the enamel crockery! They’re a must for any camping trip for sure!! I hope you have a fabulous holiday. Thanks so much for linking up with our first ever #ThisWeekIveLoved Steph xxxx

  13. Jenny says:

    What a great round up and so many of these things I would love on my wishlist too. Great minds think alike. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ #26My Profile

    • admin says:

      I could have about 20 more things on the I want list but my husband always complains I take too much as it is! Loving linking up with #sharewithme xx

  14. HonestMum says:

    I’ve never been camping before but if I do (it looks so fun but I’m such a wimp) I’ll be checking this out. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogpots x
    HonestMum recently posted…Jammin’ in Jamaica: A Little Film We Made at Beaches Resorts Ocho RiosMy Profile

    • admin says:

      You should try a couple of days glamping, the boys would love it! A very nice introduction and you will quickly find out if it is for you or not 😉 Thanks for dropping by and hosting #brilliantblogposts x

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