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My Crazy Week and Poor Parenting……

The last seven days have gone by in a blur and my parenting skills have been poor to say the least. This time last week we were offered the opportunity to move to a bigger and busier pub and had to make the decision pretty quickly. The time frames were tiny and would have been a huge upheaval for all the family so as you can imagine their was an awful lot of soul searching. Cue the bad parenting due to all our focus on what should we do. The milk went off, the bread went mouldy, we didn’t send son to nursery as there was nothing for his packed lunch and we had a succession of babysitters over the five days we tried to work out what to do. Here is me trying to blog about healthy families and the other half caved in to the golden arches on one of his stints with our son! The crazy thing is the root of all this poor parenting was trying to make the right decision for our son’s future and us as family. Oh the irony of it all….

After all the umming and ahhing, number crunching and possible scenarios we have decided to stay put. We love our life as it is even though it can be a hard slog, but then what isn’t in this life? We have decided to focus and develop what we have rather than stretching ourselves and our time even more than we do already. Since we said no, our fridge is packed with vegetables again, dinner times have seen home cooked food back on the menu and the lunch box is back up to standard again. Our son visited his new school on Monday and my mum gave me a lecture on the importance of him having clean fingernails. If only she knew about the mouldy bread.