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Tyre safety

How often do you get into your car and drive off without giving the tyres a second thought? If you are anything like me then this is probably most of the time. However before we went away on holiday this year we did give everything a check over as we knew we were driving a long way and had quite a lot of extra load on the car. (!)

Subaru packed up

If I am honest we occasionally check our tyres, mainly before we take a long trip or MOT time, but not on a regular basis. October 2015 sees the start of Tyre Safety Month organised by Tyresafe  who are one of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations, dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers associated with defective or illegal tyres. having a look over on their site was really interesting and certainly got me thinking. The tyres on your car are actually the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground so it makes sense that their care and condition should be of upmost importance.

Correct pressure, the right tread depth and tyres which are in a good condition are vital to our safety on the road. Taking just a few minutes to regularly check these items is a really good habit to get into. What’s more, these checks are essential to ensure you stay on the right side of the law and avoid fines of up to £2,500 and 3 penalty points for each illegal tyre.

In 2013 Government statistics revealed that 11,00 tyre-related incidents took place on England’s motorways and major roads.

Living in the country means we use the car a LOT. We can’t just walk down to the corner for a pint of milk, it is either a 40 minute walk each way or 5 minutes in the car. This makes our car such a vital lifeline out here.

With winter around the corner checking your tyres is a great habit to get into. Tyre pressures can be checked when you fill up with petrol and the 20p Test is a simple check you can do at home.

point-s tyres

If you need your tyres checked over Point S have a network of tyre dealers in the UK with 213 branches owned by 106 independent businesses ensuring that customers receive the very best advice and service. they have a really handy ‘reserve and fit system’ which allows you to choose tyres online book to have them fitted at your local Point-S depot and best of all no online payment is taken, simply pay when the tyres are fitted.





Visiting Budapest with Children

If you have ever considered visiting Budapest with children it is something I would really recommend. We have just come back from a great trip to Budapest. My mum lives out there and it is the first time we have visited since G was a baby so were not quite sure what to expect with a lively 3 1/2 year old in tow. We were afforded the luxury of g staying with his Nanny and Great-Grandma whilst we booked into a hotel. I can’t remember sleeping so well for a very long time!

As a treat we were given tickets to fly British Airways Club Europe. This was the first time I have flown like this and it is something I could really get used to. At Heathrow we were able to use the BA Executive Lounge, with all types of food and drink on tap, a designated soundproof kids zone that G was very happy to use and a whole host of facilities. It all felt very indulgent and was a great start to our trip.

Budapest is a city we have visited many times but mainly as a couple who could roam free and stay out late. What really surprised me were how lovely the parks and open spaces were which I hadn’t really visited before. We packed the Micro Scooter as G has definitely outgrown his pushchair but we knew there would be a lot of walking about. The scooter was a godsend and saved us a lot of tears and was really easy to take on the trams which we used daily.

G on the Number 4 Tram

G on the Number 4 Tram

IMG_1904    IMG_1906

We visited the Varosliget which is near Heroes Square where there was apparently a great children’s area. We walked the whole park but didn’t find anything which was a bit disappointing but we did come across some great vintage Eastern European steam trains. The weather was amazing and it was great to just stroll around the park and take it all in. the Varosliget is home to Budapest Zoo but the weather was so lovely we didn’t feel the need to pay to get into something when the park was beautiful. To compensate for the lack of play area we stopped off at the Margitsziget which is sometimes called Margaret island. Our hotel was here and the kids play area was superb. There is fantastic fountain that performs a display set to music on the hour and when the sun sets the water is lit up with beautiful coloured lights which G kept calling fireworks.

IMG_1913       DSC_0399

Millernaris Park on the Buda side of the city had a brilliant outdoor play area which had a Hungarian Folk story theme which G loved and was a great place to enjoy the last of the autumn sunshine whilst G played happily. We will definitely be visiting in the summertime as there seemed to be a lot of outdoor pools which looked great fun and Margitsziget was traffic free making it feel really safe and clean. Our three day trip was short and sweet but has definitely given us a taste of how child friendly Budapest is and we are looking forward to our next trip already!

IMG_1954    IMG_1955   IMG_1953



Camping with Children Checklist

Excitement is brewing in our house as we count down the days until our camping holiday to France. Last year we discovered the beautiful little island of Oleron. We had been recommended the exclusive island of Ile de Ray but when we looked at the price of accommodation we couldn’t justify it, so opted for the cheaper Ile d’Oleron and we were not disappointed in the slightest.

We love camping but hadn’t braved canvas since G was born. As we were also staying with family in France we opted for a package with Camping Indigo where you just turn up to a fully equipped tent. We had a fantastic four days so decided we would go for a longer stint this year and return to Ile d’Oleron. Although we own all the gear for only 100 euros more we could rent a Wood and Canvas tent which means we don’t have to travel down like cramped sardines in the car with piles of camping equipment heaped on us. (I can NOT pack light – much to Ed’s despair).

tente-toile-bois-classiciv tente-toile-bois-classiciv-3

So packing this year is on the lean side

1) We are dispensing with sleeping bags and opting for duvets.

2) A large bag for all our clothes

3) A bag of toys to keep G occupied

4) A bag for extras such as beach towels, first aid kit, Yorkshire tea bags and toiletries

5) One rucksack with all the essentials for the journey

6) Two bikes and a bike trailer for G.

What essentials can you not do without when you go camping? I would love to hear.