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You got through the school holidays – Congrats!!

The tissues have been packed away as First Days at School and you are probably starting to pinch yourself that you got through the school holidays relatively unscathed or in AA. Don’t get me wrong, I know how much we love our kids but by the end of the 6 weeks I think it is fair to say for parents who are fortunate enough to be SAH you can have too much of a good thing.

Humour definitely helped and seeing posts on Facebook definitely made me feel I was not alone. Some of them were absolutely brilliant and here are a few of my favourites from over the school holidays!

Check out the fantastic Hurrah for Gin who has the funniest blog out there on bringing up young children. I don’t think I have read a post that hasn’t made me chuckle. I highly advise you follow her Facebook page as it is hilarious.

This one from Amy Ransom on her Facebook page Surviving Life and Motherhood really summed me up and I know I am being lame as I only have the one child!

ducks 3


These were taken from the Fowl Language Comics Facebook page and these really made me smile.

Sunday Photo 30.08.15

Sennen Cove, Cornwall, Lands End

Sennen Cove Beach, Cornwall

Insneezia-Do you realise you could be suffering?

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Night time ‘insneezia’ hindering Brits summer shut eye

1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from hay fever, with an allergy to grass pollen being the most common type. Hay fever is a big deal in our household as my husband really suffers and it looks as though G could be following in his footsteps. Also living in the country means our pollen season can last quite a while.

Over the last few weeks Ed had been complaining of insomnia which I duly dismissed (being the caring wife that I am). That was until a really interesting email arrived in my inbox from Boots. The email was all about the problems of pollen and it’s effects on hay fever sufferers not stopping when the sun goes down.

Stats reveal that:

  •  64% of hayfever sufferers admit to suffering from ‘insneezia’ – the insomnia-esque impact of night time hayfever symptoms caused by pollen falling at the end of the day as the air cools.
  • On a typical summer night, insneezia sufferers say that they miss out on 72 minutes of sleep – which equals nearly five whole days across the months of June to August.
  • Itchy eyes (47%) and a blocked nose (45%) are the main symptoms that blight being able to nod off.  Additionally, 64% say it takes them longer to drop off as a result and an equal number (64%) find it harder to get back to sleep once they have been woken up.

Dr Peter Burt from the University of Greenwich has been quoted as saying;

“Hay fever sufferers may find that their symptoms get worse during the evening. This is because pollen rises into the lower atmosphere throughout the day and begins to fall back to the ground as the temperature drops – exposing hay fever sufferers to a higher level of pollen in the evening compared to earlier on in the day.”

It would seem that sufferes of ‘insneezia’ don’t just suffer at night.

62% report that insneezia impacts them the next day as well:

·         One in four report that they struggle the next day at work after a bad night’s sleep

·         22% say they are more argumentative with their loved ones

·         16% decline social events because of their sleepless nights

 It seems those suffering from insneezia will go to all sorts of lengths to relieve their symptoms, with 4% resorting to putting their heads in the freezer to try and provide some welcome relief! (We haven’t tried this in our house yet!)

Boots Pharmaceuticals have released some great advice for insneezia sufferers.

Angela Chalmers Boots UK Pharmacist comments: “Falling pollen at night doesn’t have to get in the way of a good night’s sleep if you take steps to keep your hay fever symptoms in check before your head hits the pillow. Most one-a-day anti-histamines are usually a 24 hour dose, so taking your daily dose at least 3 hours before you go to bed may help reduce symptoms throughout the night. Additionally, consider using a barrier nasal spray before bed, which can be more effective at treating more severe hay fever symptoms, as they create protective lining in the nasal passage reducing the inhalation of the allergens that are responsible for hay fever.” Boots have kindly sent Ed a sample of their nasal barrier spray to try, which has certainly helped ease his symptoms a little.

As regular readers to my blog know I love hacks to make our life smoother and simpler; so here are 5 Hacks for Hay Fever Sufferers.

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Wedding Fever and the lovely people at Youmi & Teepee

Wedding fever has hit our village! This Saturday two of our very good friends are getting married here in the Cotswolds. They moved here a few years ago as the bride is from Canada and the groom from Australia. Most of the village is going and all our closest friends from the village will be there so I am really looking forward to the day. My Mum has flown in from where she lives in Budapest to look after G so not only do we get to have a great day out with our friends, this will also be our first wedding without taking G. Over the past few years all the weddings we have been to have been close family so we have had to take G as he has normally been involved in the proceedings in some way or another.


I left it to the last minute and finally decided on my outfit yesterday. House of Fraser have a fantastic 70% off sale at the moment and I got a gorgeous Mary Portas dress (even more gorgeous as the 14 was slightly too big!) reduced from £99.00 to £29.70, some very bright shoes from BHS (again a real bargain at £12.00) and a clutch I bought from Dorothy Perkins a while back.

18368511_normal I_180070531_01_20140220 2839484796_large

The bride had asked me on Friday if I had a children’s tent they could use as a quiet space for the children. I don’t have one but over the past few days I had seen Twitter buzzing about the beautiful children’s tepees available from Youmi & Teepee I got in touch with Alice and she was able to sort one out for us with express delivery so that it gets here for the weekend. Alice could not have been more helpful, especially as I contacted her late on Friday afternoon. I have bought the teepee myself as I love it so much and we wanted it for G after the wedding. The lovely PeacockPomPoms is using hers as a quiet reading space for one of her children and I really wanted to pinch this great idea.


I opted for the Elephant Teepee but they are all lovely and it was so hard to choose. We are also heading off to France camping at the end of August and my husband suggested we take it with us as a day tent for G as they come with canvas carry bags so can be transported easily. I will keep you updated on our adventures with our Youmi & Teepee over the summer. Let’s hope the sun shines on Saturday.