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10 Ideas to use your Handheld Steam Cleaner


10 ways to use your steam cleaner

I bought one of these handheld steam cleaner machines about a year ago and am ashamed to say I have not really taken it out of the box since, maybe using it only once or twice.

Last week I was having a huge clear out of our larder cupboard and found the sad little machine that has hardly seen the light of day. I really had to think hard about putting it into the keep or chuck pile so thought I would do a quick Google of what I could use it for (other than cleaning the grime of the edge of the Rayburn cooker) and was pretty impressed with what I found.

If you too have one of these handheld steamers than seemed a good purchase at the time then this list is for you, or maybe you are a steam goddess and could add some more of your own suggestions. I tried to include some of the less obvious ideas here and would love to know more!

Top 10 Handheld Steamer Suggestions

1.  Cleaning limescale from around your taps to have them looking sparkly and bright in no time

2.  Help to defrost the freezer in super quick time and cleaning it simultaneously!

3.  Cleaning out fish tanks or pet cages

4.  Use it to sanitize your mattress and pillows

The steam is hot enough to kill dust mites, bedbugs and moulds or bacteria.

5.  Disinfect children’s toys

6.  Relax creases in leather items

7.  Killing off weeds on the patio (or anywhere)

8.  Cleaning the bottom of your shoes (very handy if you live an area with

inconsiderate dog owners)

9.  Use it to remove wallpaper

10. Cleaning the BBQ grill which is the most argued over job in our house!

As I said, if you have any other great tips or ideas I would love you to add them on here.

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