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April Already

The past few months have been a total whirlwind and sadly Playing Parent has had to take a back seat as I have just not had the time to devote to my blog.

There have been a few reasons but the biggest being I got a new job and my business as a Social Media Manager has really taken off. The strange thing is that I was able to change my career direction and find a job I love all because of the skills I have developed through my blog and yet my blog is the one thing that has suffered.

The other piece of exciting news was that we have a new addition to our little household. We have a Tibetan terrier called Grace who is 4 years old who came from a rescue charity. She is absolutely gorgeous and such a lovely nature that we can hardly remember how life was without her.

Rescue dog

We strongly believed that we wanted to adopt not shop for our next dog as there are so many lovely dogs in need of caring, loving homes. We have had our Shih Tzu Doodle since she was a puppy and now at 9 years old we didn’t think she would cope with having a puppy around either. Grace has really perked Doodle up too who now seems about 5 years younger!

Tibetan terrier

I am going to try and get on here far more regularly now and even though I have been quiet on here I have been busy testing things and visiting places to share.

Thanks for dropping by

Dominique x

Love or Loathe Facebook? 1 Billion users in a day!

Facebook logo

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced that on Monday over 1 Billion people logged used Facebook, meaning 1 in 7 of the world’s population visited Facebook on 24th August 2015. This statistic got me thinking, love or loathe Facebook, 1 Billion users in a day is pretty mind blowing!

Chances are if you read blogs and have found your way here via social media, you were one of the 1 Billion. Do you genuinely love Facebook or do you find yourself on there wasting time or checking it in case you miss out on something juicy and interesting?

I have mixed feelings about Facebook. I find myself idly browsing through my news feed when I could be doing something far more positive and pro-active with my time or worrying over how many likes my Playing Parent page has had. However I have re-connected with old friends who I had lost touch with, I am able to share photos of our son with family living on the other side of the world or see my nephew in the States learning to ride his bike; and I have joined groups which have let me share interests with people who I would never have met in the ‘real world’. Joining the Facebook group ‘Archers Anonymous’ has given me a place to share my love of The Archers on Radio 4 (if you don’t listen to it, I highly suggest you start but be warned, it is highly addictive!) and discuss plots and characters who enjoy listening as much as I do, which in the ‘real world’ I know very few people like this. You can sell things far more simply to local people than you can on Ebay or you can ask a question and chances are someone will answer it for you.

We have just come back from a fab (if wet – VERY wet)camping holiday in Cornwall. We went with Ed’s best friend from school and his family. Our two families had a great time together, cemented our friendships and are already planning our next trip together. The same goes for the girls I am in touch with again from school. Meeting up with them and seeing our children get on and play together really is a very special thing to see and only yesterday I got a message out of the blue from some of the girls I used to work with in Surrey 15 years ago planning a reunion which is long overdue.

Facebook is a great place for small businesses to market themselves and get the word out there about all the great things they can do and offer. But there is the dark side to Facebook where kids are bullied, people are trolled and insulted or relationships breakdown because of a partner’s infidelity stemming from their Facebook use.

I don’t know if the good things outweigh the bad, but what I do know is that social media like Facebook is here to stay. If 1 Billion people can use it just one day within 10 years of it being launched just imagine what will see in the next 10 years.

I would love to know your thoughts on Facebook and social media, do you love it or loathe it?