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Be an Energy Shopper with Ofgem



The last few months have seen major changes for us as we moved house which was both exciting and stressful. Tying up all the loose ends from one house and sorting out all the new bills for the new one seemed a never ending task.
One of the most important things to us was making sure we got the best energy deal we could as we don’t have gas, just oil and electricity. We knew from our bills at our last house our electricity consumption could be quite high, especially during the winter.
There are lots of ways you can make sure you are getting the best energy deal. You can use a search engine or an energy comparison site. However before doing any of this you should head over to the Ofgem site Be an Energy Shopper first.  Ofgem are the independent regulator of the energy market and the site provides independent and unbiased information on how to get a better deal.


The Be an Energy Shopper site is a wealth of information on energy and they offer a list of the Ofgem approved comparison sites so you know you are using a trusted and approved dealer when searching for your best deal. The Be an Energy Shopper site is not there to generate cash and sales as Ofgem are funded from the license fees that the energy companies have to pay to operate in the market, so you know the advice they are offering is impartial and honest. Through the Be an Energy Shopper site Ofgem are working for us, the consumers, making sure we get the best deal and the important information we need to make an informed decision about our energy purchases.
We soon saw the importance and value of comparing prices and being well informed when the tariff recommendations we got ranged from £49 a month to £110.
Ofgem’s ‘Be an Energy Shopper’ has three main areas to help consumers understand how to get the best deal for their energy bills, by explaining the ins and outs of this confusing market.
For us, the section on Switching Suppliers and Moving House was the most useful. The site goes through a handy checklist of what you need to do before leaving your old house and moving into the new one, alongside lots of useful advice on energy tariffs and what to look for when choosing a new energy supplier. The site is really easy to navigate and I liked the way the information given was really relevant and useful.
Even if you are not moving house anytime soon there are also sections on how to understand your bill and how to go about changing your tariff deal and getting the best deal you can.
I would love to know if you do head over to the Ofgem site and found it as useful as we did!