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Is it only February?


Is t still only February? As I write this post I can’t get over how much our lives have changed since seeing in 2015. I have started a new job teaching again and we have left the pub we were tenants in for 5 years. It is really odd to have my husband back, at home, helping with daily life instead of feeling like┬ásingle parent. This is part of why I started blogging as I was on my own so much. I know he was working hard to keep the business going but there came a point when the hours and no profit were just not worth what we were losing out on as a family. We now have weekends and each one is already booked up until the end of February, doing normal family things. In the space of a week we left the pub, buried a dear friend and had to have our lovely family dog put down after 14 years as my faithful companion. Not the easiest week but we got through it as a team.

I am sorry I haven’t posted for such a long time but as our life turned 360 degrees I didn’t have the energy to write posts or think about getting organised. I was simply taking each day as it comes. However with the hardest and longest month of our lives behind us I am excited for all 2015 has to throw at us. Bring it on……