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Kidizoom Action Cam from VTech


Kidizoom Action cam From VTech Review1Last month we were lucky enough to get a Kidizoom Action Cam from VTech to have a play around with and post a review.

I am not sure who was more excited at the prospect of the Kidizoom Action Cam arriving as G and I waited patiently for the courier to deliver the parcel. The advert for the Kidizoom Action Cam seems to be everywhere and G was very keen on telling me all the things it could do before the camera had even got here.

I love taking photographs and recently G has developed an interest in taking photos on our phones or wanting to having a go with my Nikon (which fills me with dread, but I try not to be too precious) so having his very own camera was a big deal for him.

Regular readers will know I posted on here a while back on How VTech can make family travelling easier and the Kidizoom Action Cam was on the list.

Kidizoom Action Cam – Encourage children to take pictures of their holiday from start to finish with this action camera which captures photos, video and offers games. Giving kids their own (robust) camera encourages them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them. You might be surprised at the results from their knee-high view. With a waterproof case for underwater pictures at the beach or in the pool, and a mount allowing you to attach to a bike, children can capture action shots during any part of their holiday.

Handling the camera took G a while to master as it is quite small for his chunky fingers. However he soon began to understand that his fingers had to be away from the lens in order to take a picture. As you can see he was less than impressed with his first few efforts!! The Kidizoom Action Cam is aimed at 5-12 year olds so we guessed it would be a little tricky for him to begin with.

Kidizoom Action Cam

Or holding the camera still when taking the photo……

Kidizoom Photo 3

However by the time we got on holiday (You can read more about our camping in Cornwall adventure here) he had really mastered the camera and started taking some great pictures.

The camera retails at £49.99 so would probably be the type of thing you would purchase for a birthday or Christmas present. It can take videos, go underwater (this really does work as you can see in the video), there are graphics you can add to your pictures and a few simple games to plays, so you do get a lot for your money. It also comes with a handy mount that means you can attach it to your bike or helmet for some real action shots and video too.

You can see a much shorter version of the video the kids made in the pool (rather than the 5 minute version they loved making!) But it does prove it really takes great underwater footage!


4 star (358 of 406)

4 star (359 of 406)

When we were on the foreshore in Budock we had a ‘photo off’ and I have to say G’s were pretty good!

100_0031G with the Kidizoom

4 star (347 of 406)

One with the Nikon DSLR

Budock Vean Foreshore

G’s attempt with the Kidizoom

Budock Vean Foreshore Nikon

My attempt with my Nikon DSLR

I have to say we were really impressed and hope this new found interest in photography and videos really takes off. I have to say thank you VTech for making technology so easily accessible to our little people. I really can not recommend the Kidizoom Action Cam enough. We had so much fun with it and it is till being used lots now we are home too. I might start posting a Sunday Photo from G too. Watch this space!!