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Hiding Vegetables

Recently the 3yo has stopped eating all fruit and vegetables apart from the odd over boiled carrot and grapes so I have taken to hiding vegetables in most his meals! . He does inform us that he likes tomato ketchup and that tomatoes are a vegetable (I know fruit but I am picking my battles carefully these days!) Cue the concerns that I am bringing up a malnourished child who will suffer in later life blah blah. However he loves meat and especially mince we got me thinking about creating dishes that are packed with vegetables but minced up into such a fine state that once cooked down they really wouldn’t be noticeable.

I have always had a Kenwood Mini Chopper which was a really useful piece of kit when weaning as you could make food in small batches. They are a real bargain and would recommend anyone about to start the weaning process to invest in one.

kenwood mini chopper

Now we try to create family meals though with us all eating the same food. This can be hard with husband who works anti-social hours running the pub and a young man that seems to be forever wanting food (just not veg). This prompted me to visit our local catalogue store to purchase a food processor and blender on a more family friendly scale. After a bit of deliberation, basically the price point and what was in stock I opted for a Wahl Food Processor and couldn’t wait to get blitzing. Yesterday was the great unveiling of this new machine’s super powers to get G back onto vegetables. I threw in nearly every vegetable I had to hand including;

carrots, courgettes, red peppers, onion, celery, and cherry tomatoes.

vegetables in chopper

A few minutes in the blitzer and we went from this to this……..

chopped vegetables

I added about half to the bolognaise I was making and put the other half in a Tupperware container in the fridge to use up in meals throughout the week. The bolognaise was a hit and was wolfed down so am hoping this technique will keep my parenting guilt at bay when I worry about the 5 a Day quota.

If anyone else has any tips on getting our fussy eaters to be a little more adventurous or devious ways to trick them into eating healthier I would love to hear from you.