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Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting


A motor skill is simply an action that involves our little ones using their muscles. Gross motor skills are larger movements your baby makes with his arms, legs, feet, or his entire body. So crawling, running, and jumping are all gross motor skills.  Fine motor skills are smaller actions. When children pick things up with their thumb and forefinger or wriggles their toes in the sand, their using his fine motor skills. Generally the gross motor skills come first and then the fine motor skills develop later. Fine motor skills are a big deal in our house at the moment. These are the skills that are key when trying to encourage children to become more independent. It is these skills that help them do fiddly buttons, pull up zips and help them with their early writing skills. We have a very reluctant writer in our house. G is not interested in picking up a pencil and creative activities really don’t hold his attention for very long at all. Setting up for a craft session takes longer than the activity itself. I was finding that he was getting really frustrated with more adventurous craft activities, so that I ended up doing more than him.

His gross motor skills have always been good so I have put my teacher hat on and started looking around for things to do at home that can help him develop his fine motor skills.

Below are some links to the sites I have found. I am going to give some of these activities (and a few ideas of my own) a go over the next few weeks and feedback on how we get on.

Ideas to Develop Fine Motor Skills




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