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Easter Crafts Pinterest Round-Up



With a week of school holidays before Easter I have been having a think about what we can get up to at home in preparation for the weekend. As Ed will be working all weekend, it will just be Garth and I but I really want to celebrate Easter even though we won’t be having a big sit down family get together.

I have been scouring my beloved Pinterest for inspiration and my favourite 10 Easter crafts are listed here with links to the websites (if Pinterest provides the link) if you fancy giving any of them a go yourself! I think most of them are pretty adult and child friendly so we can all have a go at making them.

1. Simple Easter Baskets


2. Cute & Simple Easter Card

finger print bunny chick

I was thinking of making these cards and baskets as small gifts for family and friends, super simple, super easy and fun all at the same time. Easter crafts with a purpose!

3. Pompom Bunny


Since buying a pompom maker at Christmas I have become strangely addicted to making them but am always stuck for ideas as to what I can actually make out of all the pompoms I have made. Am definitely going to give this super cute Easter craft idea a go. This is one for me I think!

4. Paper Plate Baby Chick


I love crafts that require minimum adult input and this one is super simple. Great for scissor skills too if you aren’t too worried about creating a perfect example.

5. Watercolour Chicks


I particularly love how this idea can make an artist out of anyone. We will be cracking open the watercolours next week.

6. Salt Dough Easter Ornaments


Salt dough or clay stars were a big hit at Christmas so an Easter version is a great idea. Poundland had some Easter cutters which would work really well with this project. I loved the picture below as a great idea on how to display all your fab creations.

7. Easter Display for your creations

Easter Egg Tree

8. Easter Masks

Bunny mask

Super simple and would make a great prop for some Easter family photographs.

9. Clay Bunnies – Lots of uses

clay bunnies

I am totally in love with these!!

10. Bunny Silhouette with a 101 uses

Paper bunny

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my suggestions and if you have any of your own I would love to see them, please do share. Happy crafting!

A Cornish Mum

Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com

Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting


A motor skill is simply an action that involves our little ones using their muscles. Gross motor skills are larger movements your baby makes with his arms, legs, feet, or his entire body. So crawling, running, and jumping are all gross motor skills.  Fine motor skills are smaller actions. When children pick things up with their thumb and forefinger or wriggles their toes in the sand, their using his fine motor skills. Generally the gross motor skills come first and then the fine motor skills develop later. Fine motor skills are a big deal in our house at the moment. These are the skills that are key when trying to encourage children to become more independent. It is these skills that help them do fiddly buttons, pull up zips and help them with their early writing skills. We have a very reluctant writer in our house. G is not interested in picking up a pencil and creative activities really don’t hold his attention for very long at all. Setting up for a craft session takes longer than the activity itself. I was finding that he was getting really frustrated with more adventurous craft activities, so that I ended up doing more than him.

His gross motor skills have always been good so I have put my teacher hat on and started looking around for things to do at home that can help him develop his fine motor skills.

Below are some links to the sites I have found. I am going to give some of these activities (and a few ideas of my own) a go over the next few weeks and feedback on how we get on.

Ideas to Develop Fine Motor Skills




Parenting Linky

Christmas arrives at our cottage

I love Christmas, or rather I love Christmas decorations and getting the house feeling all ‘Christmassy’. This is our first Christmas in this cottage and not living above the pub, so I am really excited as now have the room to do all the ideas I have been pinning away on Pintrest!  Our Christmas celebrations were kicked off this year by a Celebration of Christmas Festival held in our village with lots of craft stalls, carol singers, mulled wine and Father Christmas (aka my husband) arriving on the back of a game cart!!! One of my friends and I had a stall selling wreaths she had made and I had been busy making candles and soap. We were bowled over by how popular our crafts were and it was definitely something I plan to do again soon.

Crafts in Lower Swell

Since then I have become a little obsessed with wreaths and have made a few for the house since the obsession started. I bought a Pom Pom maker and have been frantically wrapping wool after seeing some great Pom Pom ideas on Pintrest.


  Pom Poms on a wreath    stars on wooden wreath    DSC_0020

I also made the stars to go on the wooden wreath from air hardening clay in white. There were a few trials at this but I was really pleased with my final effort.

I also found these bargain folksy style decorations in Wilkinson’s last week which I hung on the mantelpiece in our dining room and combined them with the red paper star lights we already had. They really reminded me of Hungarian Folk Art that was in my

great-grandmother’s house when we were growing up.

red stars

Finally our tree! I was really strict about all our decorations being red/white based on there this year, but luckily most of our existing decorations were already red or white so it wasn’t too hard. I also put a lot of the clay stars I made onto raffia string in red and hung them all over the tree. Also if you look closely you may just see my star garland that I posted about a few weeks ago.

Me add three

Easy & Simple Christmas Garland

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It’s been a busy week here with Christmas preparations. I have spent far too much time on Pintrest creating a board full of lovely Christmas décor ideas.


I have been getting G’s nativity costume together which I will post about later but in the meantime I thought I would share this really easy idea for a Christmas garland. Personally I am not a fan of tinsel on trees and have been trying to think of an alternative. After seeing this great little gadget on Amazon I came up with the following idea.

Using an old paperback (I am a sucker for buying second hand books from charity shops that I flick through then sit on a shelf for ages – so had plenty lying around!) rip out the pages and for ease I cut them in half. Simply grab your star punch/cutter and start punching away. Create yourself a healthy looking pile of paper stars.

PicMonkey Collage1

Now the therapeutic part begins. I like this bit best as you can sit and do this whilst watching tv. (I sat and did one whilst G was having his supper one evening and we had a great chat about Christmas) Grab some cotton thread, I used red as I had lots and felt it was a festive shade that looked nice with the paper. DON’T cut the thread, keep it on the reel but thread your needle and start threading the stars onto the thread. I found that by not cutting the thread you can decide how long or short you want your garland once you are in the swing of threading the stars on.

PicMonkey Collage2

How you group your stars is up to you. I played around a bit with them, you could have them really packed tight, although this looks effective I decided life was too short to go for this look! I have opted for spreading out the stars a bit so you can see the shape and outline of the star to full effect.

PicMonkey Collage3

To finish off I pushed the stars together and then wound the thread around a piece of card to avoid knots and tangles and when I am ready to use the garland I will just spread the stars back out along the thread and the idea is to use them instead of tinsel on our tree. There are lots of ways you could use these and although a little time consuming a really cheap way to personalise your decorations this year.

Me add three

I have added this post onto The Christmas Countdown from Me Add Three, pop over to see some other great Christmas ideas!

Getting Ready for Christmas

getting ready for Christmas is as much fun for me as the day itself. As I start my new job in January I have a bit more time on my hands and have decided to get a bit more crafty this year having been inspired by some of the really get craft blogs out there and my Pintrest obsession. Also our village is holding a Festival of Christmas Celebration at the end of November and I signed up to a stall with one of my VERY creative besties so I had a goal too. If you are local to the Cotswolds it will be a great event and a very festive way to kick off your Christmas celebrations.


I wanted to create something that was not expensive to make or purchase that people would really like to buy and came up with soaps and candles. I researched soap making and bought one of the fab Kirstie Allsopp kits from Hobbycraft as this wasn’t a craft I was familiar with.


After one batch I was hooked and have had to really curb my making efforts so I am not left with hundreds of unused soaps. I have also made some candles with Christmas-sy scented oils in tins and the lovely type you see in elegant old china cups that you see going for a fortune all over the place. Fingers crossed these all sell otherwise my gift giving this year will end up with my Dad receiving rose-scented soaps!


IMG_1973          IMG_1892


I also bought myself a set of Pom Pom makers which I have had great fun with after seeing some great ideas on Pintrest.

b2002be9f90500cb8999011335571d1d           923b543e6ee4c6241b9a1081a73b58b5             f35735197f0d78f0d0fe21ecd4299cf5

Making Pom Poms has become a type of therapy and luckily I have discovered a great way to use them up. I have attempted to make the fairy garland as a gift for a friend’s daughter.  After purchasing a wreath for £2.99 from B & M Homestore I used these Pintrest images as inspiration and ta dah I was pretty please with my efforts. What do you think?


10808703_995552837125255_1998876171_n           915704_1496695940610998_1824730399_n