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The Camping and Caravan Club

The Camping and Caravan ClubIf you enjoy camping then it is well worth checking out all that The Camping and Caravan Club has to offer.

This week sees us getting everything ready for our holiday and we are really looking forward to a week away with friends. (Click to read my post on my Camping Must Have Items) We have chosen to stay on The Camping and Caravan Club site at Sennen Cove in Cornwall as we have never visited that far down into Cornwall and the beaches look gorgeous.

Sennen Cove Beach Cornwall

We had a test run in the garden with the tent and were amazed at how easy it was to put up and pack away. We sorted out and cleaned all our kit which has been in the barns for a few years and were pretty pleased with our little set up. All I want to do now is make some bunting and add some fairy lights to the awning!

Hi Gear Corado 6 Berth Tent

Annual membership of The Camping and Caravan Club is £37  per year and by becoming members we saved £50.40 off the price of our pitch compared to had we booked as non-members. As you can see it made total sense to join as we were already saving £13.40 before even considering all the benefits of being a member. (Click on the link to read more about these.)

The £37.00 annual membership is an online, paper free option that the club launched in spring 2014 and over 35,000 households have opted for this offer. The other thing with The Camping and Caravan Club is that they have recently invested over £4 million  into improving their sites in 2014/2015 with another £4 million planned for 2015/2016 so you know that you are going to get sites that are clean, well maintained and great value for money.

If you are new to camping the club has also launched ‘Ready Camp’ a Glamping option that looks incredibly similar to the type of tents we stayed in with Camping Indigo on the Ile D’Oleron. There are 17 sites currently offering this facility, all in great locations. The Camping and Caravan Club website has tons of information on best tents to match your needs, all the things you need to know before you go camping and they also deal with camping abroad too, which is a real bonus. As you can see I am really impressed with everything you get for £37.00 and would definitely recommend anyone who goes camping regularly to take a further look. I will be writing more about our trip to Sennen Cove in a few weeks time after our first stay as ‘club members’!



The Glamping Show – 2015



Regular visitors to my blog will know that we love camping, so when I heard about The Glamping Show which is being held at Stoneleigh Park on September 26th 2015 I was desperate to find out more.

This is the first ever Glamping Show and it will be throwing open s doors to the public on Saturday 26 September. So for all Glamping enthusiasts Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire will be the place to be.

The Glamping Show is completely dedicated to Glamping (as the name suggests!) Glamping is thought to be the fastest growing holiday sector worldwide, especially here in the UK where ‘staycations’ and short breaks are on the increase. Glamping guru, Kate Morel of Quality Unearthed, who has followed the progress of the Glamping phenomenon over the past few years and said:

“There is a growing need in the UK where people are looking for quirky holidays that don’t require them to start and end their precious time off from work at an airport. I say ‘need’ rather than trend because I don’t believe Glamping is a trend; it is a unique experience that reconnects us with the natural environment and each other. It’s much needed and it’s here to stay.”

Last year we chose a Glamping option when visiting Ile D’Oleron in France and absolutely loved it. We found that it provided the right balance between the creature comforts you want when on holiday but also having an outdoors experience and the freedom that comes with that.

There will be plenty going on with an exhibitor village where visitors will have an exclusive chance to see what the industry has to offer, as exhibitors will be attending from all corners of the Glamping sector, both from the UK and aboard, showcasing everything from Glamping venues, hot tubs and other accessories through eco-toilets and technology and of course there will be all types of Glamping accommodation. Plus visitors to Stoneleigh will be amongst the first to see and experience some of the amazing structures that will be launching onto the Glamping scene at the Show.

Not only will there be plenty of opportunity to look at the latest products and services on offer in the Glamping world but there is also a packed schedule of presentations and demonstrations throughout the day.  Visitors will be able to learn all there is to know about Glamping but there is also an added bonus for those of us who love upcycling too!

As well as the exhibitor village and demonstration arena, The Glamping Show has two other feature areas: the ‘Glamping & Upcycling Marketplace’ and ‘Destinations’.

The Glamping & Upcycling Marketplace will provide Glampers and keen Upcyclers with access to numerous upcycling specialists such as Max McMurdo and his team at Restore and Remade in Britain, as well as the chance to shop ’til you drop for all those much needed Glamping accessories.

If you are trying to decide on your perfect Glamping destination for next year then ‘Destinations’ is the place to make that final decision as here you will find everything you need to help you decide from Glamping directories and booking agents to independent Glamping venues from around the UK all of which will provide you with completely unique Glamping experiences.

We have definitely got this date in our diary in our diary for September as I can’t believe how lucky I am to have two of my favourite things, Glamping and Upcycling coming together in one show!

For more information visit The Glamping Show or follow them on Twitter @theglampingshow.

Top 10 Camping ‘must-have’ and ‘I want’ items

As  we are heading off camping this summer I thought I would share with you a list of my Top 10 ‘must have’ and ‘I want’ items. Last year we went camping to France and stayed on the wonderful Ile D’Oleron at a Camping Indigo site which you can read about here.

This year we still haven’t decided whether we are staying put in the British Isles or heading back to France. (We had better decide quick as we are off in 3 weeks time!) Wherever we do decide to spend our holiday there are some camping essentials we can’t live without and a few I want to take this year for the first time. I am a big believer in trying to make camping as comfortable as possible, especially when you are going camping as your main family get away for the year. Who want’s to come home feeling drained and shattered from roughing it for a week? You will need another holiday to get over it!


1. Blankets or Rugs

rugs camping

You can’t have enough of these. They look pretty and can add an extra layer of warmth and comfort if you get a chilly night. I found these on not on the high street from Ellie Ellie for £16.80 and they are made from recycled wool. Beautiful and ethical!


2. Bikes

bikes family

We always try to pick somewhere that has plenty of safe cycling. Who wants to be cycling with children near loads of traffic? Most campsites are great places for children to bike and scoot, but it is worth checking as I have seen a few recently where this has been banned!

3. Camping Gaz Party Grill


We bought ours nearly 8 years ago and it has been brilliant! It can grill and be a burner so we have got by with only this for our cooking needs. Plus it comes in a handy carry case making it easy to transport. You can get them here on Amazon for £47.99 well worth the cost.

4. Proper plates and cutlery


Having proper plates and cutlery to eat from really makes a huge difference to your mind set when it comes to camping food. We bought some cheap ones from IKEA that if they broke wouldn’t make me too sad. The one in the picture is 50p!

5. A good table


We have a great table that stores these 4 chairs neatly inside. Again sitting at a table to eat really makes a big difference rather than having to always eat off your lap.

6. A good penknife


This is an invaluable piece of kit and who does it better than the Swiss?  This one pictured comes in at under £20.

7. A cosy jumper


You can’t beat having a cosy jumper to keep you warm on chilly nights. This one pictured is a cashmere and merino mix from Woolovers and is currently on offer for £30.

8.  A big bag for everything


I bought one similar to this in France years ago and it comes everywhere with us. It is great for taking toys, going to the beach or shopping at the market. I found this one on not on the high street from Bohemia for £22.

The two items I really want for this year are

9. An enamel teapot

enamel teapot

I love my tea and spied this gorgeous teapot on not on the high street  from Baker + Bell for £17.

10. Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean

emporium of clean

These amazing smellies from the people at Professor Scrubbington are designed for kids but are too good to be just for them. They smell amazing and being made from aloe vera are kind to everyone. These will really save on space as the whole family can use them. £20 for the complete set of products from Professor Scrubbington.

Do you have any must have or I want items for your camping trips? I would love to hear what they are.




Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com

A Cornish Mum

Ile D’Oleron and Camping Indigo

It has felt like ages since I last had a moment to get on here. You forget how much you have to catch up with after being away for a week (mainly washing) and then with G starting back to nursery school as soon as we returned it has been all systems go.

We had a wonderful week away in France and camped with a company called Camping Indigo. We stayed at their site Oleron Les Pins which is one of two sites they have on Ile D’Oleron. We took the night crossing across from Portsmouth to Caen with Brittany Ferries and were really impressed with how easy, quick and comfortable it was. We booked a 4 berth cabin with ensuite facilities and it all felt very civilised. The boat even had a soft play area that we had to wrestle G out of when it was bedtime.

After a long journey it was bliss to arrive to our tent, knowing that everything we could need had been provided and we could settle in straight away. We booked a Wood and Canvas Tent IV.  The tents are pretty spacious and we asked to have the same pitch as last year as there was plenty of space around the tent for us to spread out. We only discovered when we were there but as a new addition this year they have added some new tents with a shower and a loo (our friends had booked one of these) and they were absolutely amazing. We were very jealous when we were traipsing over to the shower block after a long day at the beach and they only had to ‘nip’ back to their tent. They had a Sweet Wood and Canvas tent which I would highly recommend for first time campers.


DSC_0210      DSC_0209     DSC_0208

DSC_0207     DSC_0205


The island has miles of cycle paths and is all relatively flat so we ditched the car and cycled most places which meant we all came home a lot healthier than when we left. The facilities at the campsite were really good and much improved from last year. We had decided to go back as the tents and the location were fantastic but the cleanliness of the communal facilities were not great but this year they were excellent. Ile D’Oleron is famous for shellfish, especially mussels and oysters which we did indulge in and G loved the mussels. He would have eaten them for every meal if we had let him.






We loved the camping (even if we did get attacked by mosquitoes on a daily basis) and the freedom for G was wonderful. He loved the beach and we set up a little croquet set by the tent which gave him hours of fun. The beaches were clean, with wide expanses of sand, so although the car parking was a nightmare (lucky we had the bikes) they never felt over crowded.

DSC_0240     IMG_1819

IMG_1828     IMG_1823

I would really recommend Camping Indigo and even though Ile D’Oleron is a good 6 hour drive from the Brittany ports it was well worth it. So now the only dilemma we face is where do we go next year?

Camping with Children Checklist

Excitement is brewing in our house as we count down the days until our camping holiday to France. Last year we discovered the beautiful little island of Oleron. We had been recommended the exclusive island of Ile de Ray but when we looked at the price of accommodation we couldn’t justify it, so opted for the cheaper Ile d’Oleron and we were not disappointed in the slightest.

We love camping but hadn’t braved canvas since G was born. As we were also staying with family in France we opted for a package with Camping Indigo where you just turn up to a fully equipped tent. We had a fantastic four days so decided we would go for a longer stint this year and return to Ile d’Oleron. Although we own all the gear for only 100 euros more we could rent a Wood and Canvas tent which means we don’t have to travel down like cramped sardines in the car with piles of camping equipment heaped on us. (I can NOT pack light – much to Ed’s despair).

tente-toile-bois-classiciv tente-toile-bois-classiciv-3

So packing this year is on the lean side

1) We are dispensing with sleeping bags and opting for duvets.

2) A large bag for all our clothes

3) A bag of toys to keep G occupied

4) A bag for extras such as beach towels, first aid kit, Yorkshire tea bags and toiletries

5) One rucksack with all the essentials for the journey

6) Two bikes and a bike trailer for G.

What essentials can you not do without when you go camping? I would love to hear.

Wedding Fever and the lovely people at Youmi & Teepee

Wedding fever has hit our village! This Saturday two of our very good friends are getting married here in the Cotswolds. They moved here a few years ago as the bride is from Canada and the groom from Australia. Most of the village is going and all our closest friends from the village will be there so I am really looking forward to the day. My Mum has flown in from where she lives in Budapest to look after G so not only do we get to have a great day out with our friends, this will also be our first wedding without taking G. Over the past few years all the weddings we have been to have been close family so we have had to take G as he has normally been involved in the proceedings in some way or another.


I left it to the last minute and finally decided on my outfit yesterday. House of Fraser have a fantastic 70% off sale at the moment and I got a gorgeous Mary Portas dress (even more gorgeous as the 14 was slightly too big!) reduced from £99.00 to £29.70, some very bright shoes from BHS (again a real bargain at £12.00) and a clutch I bought from Dorothy Perkins a while back.

18368511_normal I_180070531_01_20140220 2839484796_large

The bride had asked me on Friday if I had a children’s tent they could use as a quiet space for the children. I don’t have one but over the past few days I had seen Twitter buzzing about the beautiful children’s tepees available from Youmi & Teepee I got in touch with Alice and she was able to sort one out for us with express delivery so that it gets here for the weekend. Alice could not have been more helpful, especially as I contacted her late on Friday afternoon. I have bought the teepee myself as I love it so much and we wanted it for G after the wedding. The lovely PeacockPomPoms is using hers as a quiet reading space for one of her children and I really wanted to pinch this great idea.


I opted for the Elephant Teepee but they are all lovely and it was so hard to choose. We are also heading off to France camping at the end of August and my husband suggested we take it with us as a day tent for G as they come with canvas carry bags so can be transported easily. I will keep you updated on our adventures with our Youmi & Teepee over the summer. Let’s hope the sun shines on Saturday.