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The Guild – Bromsgrove

The GuildBromsgrove

A few weeks ago we were invited to try out the newly refurbished ‘The Guild’ in Bromsgrove, part of the Brewers Fayre chain. I have to admit that we haven’t eaten in a Brewers Fayre before so were unsure as to what to expect. As my Dad and step-Mum now live in Bromsgrove we thought it would be good to try somewhere different and one of the features of The Guild is that it has a large children’s soft play area. (Garth loves soft play so we knew it would get the thumbs up from him!)

soft play Brewers Fayre.

Fun for all and all for fun! Our brand new, Dennis the Menace themed, fully supervised play area will be the highlight of your kids’ trip to Brewers Fayre. There’s a totally amazing tree-house play area, new toddlers zone for your little ones, and daily activities Monday to Friday.

Open Sunday to Thursday 9.30am – 8pm and Friday to Saturday 9.30am – 9pm. Only £3 per child for 90 minutes of play.

The Guild has recently undergone a big refurbishment with the bar and restaurant area having been updated with a makeover of the interior in general. Booth style seating has been introduced which makes it easy for a large family to sit and eat comfortably. Our table was in an area which looked over the soft play area (through a sound proof window) making it really easy to watch over Garth in the play area but also be able to chat and catch up without having to jump up every 5 minutes to check on him.

As I said we hadn’t eaten in a Brewers Fayre before so were not entirely sure what to expect and I have to say we were pleasantly surprised. We all enjoyed our meals, with the sharing platter starter ‘Combo Feast’ a real hit! Although this was for two people it was plenty for three adults and our mains were just a good a size. the Guild Bromsgrove

One of the other great value aspects of the restaurant was the soft drinks machine where you can have unlimited soft drinks that you can mix with one of five Teisseire syrups. Teisseire syrups are one of our favourite things when we are in France and I haven’t really seen them here in the UK before so this was a big pull.


Overall we had a really enjoyable visit to The Guild. Anywhere with a large children’s soft play area is not going to be a fine dining experience, but what this most definitely was, was a family dining experience. Garth absolutely loved it, he made friends with other children and we were able to relax and talk knowing that he was happy and enjoying himself. Couple this with great value for money we will definitely be returning for a family dining experience soon.

brewers fayre

We were invited to try The Guild as guests of Brewers Fayre on this occasion.