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42 Days of Summer #sweeet

At the start of the school holidays I signed up to the 42 Days of Summer challenge with BritMums sponsored by McVites BN biscuits. When the biscuits arrived I put them away with the intention of taking a great picture of the two packets to add to the blog. However they didn’t stay closed long enough for me to do this and to take this picture we are now on our third packet! I remember eating biscuits like this when we had holidays in Spain as a child so was intrigued if they were anything like I remember. I have to honestly say they are yummy and we will definitely be stocking up on them, especially as they are made from wholemeal and wheat.

BN Biscuits

Anyway back to our summer of fun. We have had a hectic summer as those of you who are regular visitors will know but have managed to have lots of fun as well. Living in the countryside is both a blessing and hard work when it comes to doing stuff to keep little ones entertained. Yes we have beautiful green surroundings but we don’t have much on offer in terms of parks and museums that town dwellers have. (I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I love living in the countryside but as an ex-townie I also appreciate what city living has to offer too.) We have to be a little imaginative when it comes to things to do without getting in the car for long drives.

So our days so far this summer have included;

1. Playing in the garden and the grounds around where we live, including lots of fishing.

2. Day trips out to Stratford-upon-Avon, Hatton Park with my godson and Oxford.

3. Popping down the road to have ice cream in Bourton-on-the-water with all the tourists.

4. Getting crafty at home on rainy days.

5 Spending time with our family which is always special.


We still have our summer holiday camping in France to look forward to and a week of play dates lined up before we go. Thanks BN for actually making me stop and think about the fun we have had this summer, rather than that usual ‘what did you do over the summer holidays?’ to which the reply is usually ‘ooh not a lot’. This summer is definitely turning into a summer of fun that we will remember.

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