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I am very proud of my newly organised larder cupboard!  As any regular visitor to my blog will know I have very much a love/hate relationship with organising. I so WANT to be that super organised and tidy person but then life seems to get in the way, as do children’s toys, coats, shoes etc – you know what I mean –

Sometimes I taunt myself by going on to Pinterest and searching for things such as ‘organised cupboards’ and pinning lots of images. Things I know will never happen in my house, but I am determined to keep trying and each week it is getting better.


Very slowly, we are becoming a more organised household. I am taking baby steps and started off with our kitchen cupboards and larder. (I also tackled the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom but I will save you all the thrill of that for another day! 😉 )

It all started with reading a piece about Kirsty Allsopp’s Home  and seeing her organised and to be honest quite beautifully staged larder.

larder kirsty allsopp

When I compared it to my own, I tried not to get thoroughly depressed (and failed) but decided that I would attempt some small scale re-organisation of ours. At the time it was looking like this…..

untidy larder

I appreciate how lucky we are to have this space, but one of the drawbacks is out of sight, out of mind mentality that tends to find us holding onto stuff and putting in the cupboard, never to be used again. Also being a rented property we are a little cautious about adding too much and trying to work with what is in place.

Whilst sorting stuff out I came across a few forgotten about gems, like my handheld steam cleaner. Armed with my phone I also took photos of things we hadn’t used in ages, like our coffee machine. I then posted it for sale on a local items for sale Facebook page and it was sold and collected within an hour!

I put items at the very top that we don’t use that often such as extra wine glasses, carafes and water jugs. I then tried to group the food into things like pasta and rice, baking ingredients, tins and sauces so that finding things became easier. Also having food items not very visible meant I was often purchasing things we already had in the larder.

You may not notice a whole lot of difference in the after photos but I can sense and feel the small steps I have taken towards being more organised and the best bit is we have kept it this way for nearly a fortnight.

tidier larder pantry

If I am totally honest with myself I will never have a Pintrest worthy larder. However I now have a MORE organised cupboard/larder which has got to be the most important thing!

If you have any organisation tips (especially for cupboards!) please feel free to share or add a link in the comments section.



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