Getting organised for the Easter Holidays


I have to say that I am really looking forward to the Easter Holidays. After what has felt like a VERY long 3 months the Easter holidays mark the beginning of Spring and new hope. I have been putting together lots of ideas for things to do with many of them being centred around getting organised and more streamlined in the house. I can see us becoming on familiar terms with the charity shops and tip during all this. I also have a few upcycling projects that I am determined to complete too. Time will tell if I have bitten off more than I can chew!!

I also love the holidays as a chance to try and catch up with my friends and our children which with our busy term time lives we never get a chance to fit in. Weekends in term time end up being such a precious commodity than get booked up weeks in advance.

I have created a planner you can download to help get organised and keep track of key dates/events you have coming up over the holidays. Some of my friends have 3 week Easter holidays so have created 2 versions, one for 3 weeks and one for 2 weeks. Mine is already filling up and I have started by filling in our days out so I can then add in when I want to get bits and pieces at home done. Hopefully this should spur me on into getting things done and far less procrastination than I am used to.


2015 Easter Holidays 2 wk

Download the version you want by clicking on the links below

2015 Easter Holidays 2 wk

2015 Easter Holidays

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