Fumbling along – not anymore, the photography bug has got me again……

The last few weeks have been pretty intense for us as a family and we have had to make some hard decisions as to where our future is and whether to change our lives quite dramatically next year due to our business not moving in the direction we had hoped.

I have also been taking the Jumpstart 2015 course from Christina Greve┬áChristina is a photographer and a life coach and her course so far has been really enlightening. It has really made me realise that although I have been loving my blog I haven’t really had a direction or a passion. For years my real passion was photography but I lost my way. I started trying to get too technical and theoretical and forgot about what it was I loved when taking photographs. The simplicity of a beautiful image, capturing a moment and seeking the detail in small things. As a result I have decided that 2015 is the year I am really going to try and get back to this passion. My kit has been dusted down and upgraded, I have dug out all my old pictures to really inspire me again and I want to start documenting the beauty around us. The gallery below is some of my old work with the last six being my most recent.

My other plan for 2015 is to become far more organised and tidy. For people who know me they will be laughing their socks off! However I can no longer cope with the disorganisation and the clutter in both my mind and our home so life in 2015 is going to be simplified big time. We have far too much stuff and it just causes clutter. I will try to document my efforts and maybe if you feel the same way we could try and encourage each other to live a simpler, less complicated life in 2015.



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