Easy & Simple Christmas Garland

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It’s been a busy week here with Christmas preparations. I have spent far too much time on Pintrest creating a board full of lovely Christmas décor ideas.


I have been getting G’s nativity costume together which I will post about later but in the meantime I thought I would share this really easy idea for a Christmas garland. Personally I am not a fan of tinsel on trees and have been trying to think of an alternative. After seeing this great little gadget on Amazon I came up with the following idea.

Using an old paperback (I am a sucker for buying second hand books from charity shops that I flick through then sit on a shelf for ages – so had plenty lying around!) rip out the pages and for ease I cut them in half. Simply grab your star punch/cutter and start punching away. Create yourself a healthy looking pile of paper stars.

PicMonkey Collage1

Now the therapeutic part begins. I like this bit best as you can sit and do this whilst watching tv. (I sat and did one whilst G was having his supper one evening and we had a great chat about Christmas) Grab some cotton thread, I used red as I had lots and felt it was a festive shade that looked nice with the paper. DON’T cut the thread, keep it on the reel but thread your needle and start threading the stars onto the thread. I found that by not cutting the thread you can decide how long or short you want your garland once you are in the swing of threading the stars on.

PicMonkey Collage2

How you group your stars is up to you. I played around a bit with them, you could have them really packed tight, although this looks effective I decided life was too short to go for this look! I have opted for spreading out the stars a bit so you can see the shape and outline of the star to full effect.

PicMonkey Collage3

To finish off I pushed the stars together and then wound the thread around a piece of card to avoid knots and tangles and when I am ready to use the garland I will just spread the stars back out along the thread and the idea is to use them instead of tinsel on our tree. There are lots of ways you could use these and although a little time consuming a really cheap way to personalise your decorations this year.

Me add three

I have added this post onto The Christmas Countdown from Me Add Three, pop over to see some other great Christmas ideas!

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6 Responses to Easy & Simple Christmas Garland

  1. Cate says:

    This looks wonderful and really effective. I too have loads of old books (but not old enough to make them nice!) and can really see me doing this to use them up. It does sound like a really therapeutic activity! Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCountdown

    • admin says:

      Don’t worry too much about the book I used an old copy of The Dukan Diet! If you do one make sure you share! Loving #ChristmasCountdown

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    What a fantastic idea…..So simple but very effective!

  3. Daniella says:

    I have a lot of old books that can’t be read anymore as pages have fallen out over time so this has given me a great idea of what to do with them instead of using them for decoupage.
    Daniella recently posted…Christmas TraditionsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      It is really easy. A friend of mine also makes these amazing wreath type ornament with old book pages too that is really effective.

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