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With a week of school holidays before Easter I have been having a think about what we can get up to at home in preparation for the weekend. As Ed will be working all weekend, it will just be Garth and I but I really want to celebrate Easter even though we won’t be having a big sit down family get together.

I have been scouring my beloved Pinterest for inspiration and my favourite 10 Easter crafts are listed here with links to the websites (if Pinterest provides the link) if you fancy giving any of them a go yourself! I think most of them are pretty adult and child friendly so we can all have a go at making them.

1. Simple Easter Baskets


2. Cute & Simple Easter Card

finger print bunny chick

I was thinking of making these cards and baskets as small gifts for family and friends, super simple, super easy and fun all at the same time. Easter crafts with a purpose!

3. Pompom Bunny


Since buying a pompom maker at Christmas I have become strangely addicted to making them but am always stuck for ideas as to what I can actually make out of all the pompoms I have made. Am definitely going to give this super cute Easter craft idea a go. This is one for me I think!

4. Paper Plate Baby Chick


I love crafts that require minimum adult input and this one is super simple. Great for scissor skills too if you aren’t too worried about creating a perfect example.

5. Watercolour Chicks


I particularly love how this idea can make an artist out of anyone. We will be cracking open the watercolours next week.

6. Salt Dough Easter Ornaments


Salt dough or clay stars were a big hit at Christmas so an Easter version is a great idea. Poundland had some Easter cutters which would work really well with this project. I loved the picture below as a great idea on how to display all your fab creations.

7. Easter Display for your creations

Easter Egg Tree

8. Easter Masks

Bunny mask

Super simple and would make a great prop for some Easter family photographs.

9. Clay Bunnies – Lots of uses

clay bunnies

I am totally in love with these!!

10. Bunny Silhouette with a 101 uses

Paper bunny

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my suggestions and if you have any of your own I would love to see them, please do share. Happy crafting!

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10 Responses to Easter Crafts Pinterest Round-Up

  1. Thanks for linking up! Aw that pompom bunny is adorable, and I am a bit of a pinterest addict when I have the time.

    Stevie :) x

  2. Wow, some great ideas here! My fav is the Easter mask- so cute!

  3. Fern says:

    amazing crafts! pinterest is fantastic, i used it a lot over xmas, been meaning to look for easter crafts but our easter is messed up with kids coming & going so we arnt having easter untill next week. I definately want to try a couple of the crafts youve posted though!

  4. These all look ace, I’ll be trying a few with the little lady next week. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sarah says:

    What lovely ideas, I don’t consider myself creative but you make it look very easy! My daughter would love having a go. My sister and I have just started a new baby led weaning website http://www.minimunchclub.com, its still early days but Pintrest is something we want to look into doing. Have you found it beneficial for your business?

    • admin says:

      I haven’t used Pintrest for business but from a personal point of view I love it and I can see how it would be really good for a business like yours. Good luck, it looks great xxx

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