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Over the Easter holidays we managed to escape to the seaside and visited Torquay (you can read more about that here )and whilst there had to visit Dinosaur World.

Torquay Dinosaur Devon

We have a dinosaur mad 4 year old. When I say dinosaur mad, I actually mean, dinosaur obsessed. We are constantly blown away by how much information he seems to know on the topic and his interest has actually really improved our knowledge of dinosaurs too! We knew that a visit to Dinosaur World – Torquay was going to be a must and I have to say we were seriously impressed. We have visited so many different dinosaur themed places in the UK over the past 18 months and have a season card for our local attraction All Things Wild near Evesham in Worcestershire and I have to say that we were seriously impressed.

The first thing that strikes you when you enter is that this is quite a small attraction but don’t let that put you off. Your £6.95 entrance fee allows you unlimited access throughout the day which if the weather isn’t great is a real bonus.

The range of dinosaurs and information is really impressive and there was so much to see and do. We really enjoyed the Easter Trail that had lots of questions about Easter items hidden in all the scenes. There are dinosaurs large and small, fossils to excavate and the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park recreated (this was a big hit and still being talked about in our house).

inside dinosaur world Torquay Devon

David the manager is incredibly good at highlighting all the different things you can do and really looked after us whilst we were there. I would definitely say that this a great attraction if you have kids (big or small) who love dinosaurs and we are already planning our return visit when we go back to Devon for our summer holiday!

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  1. Hi
    Sounds great, although I ‘ve never been to Torquay it’s 1 place on my list of places to go and its always good to hear reviews of places to take the children x

    • admin says:

      We had a great time. It has seriously upped it’s game over the past few years and would really recommend. We get asked weekly by our son when are we going back! x

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