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Chalk Painting Addiction continues

I have a chalk painting addiction. After the success of painting the kitchen I began to look around the house and see what else I could paint. When we moved into our cottage we were given some pine chairs which were really practical but not beautiful and the table that we have to go with them really didn’t match as it had been an old table from the pub. I really fancied going for something a little bit funky colour wise rather than the usual muted tones that are very popular (and lovely). Vintage and Paint have a fantastic range of the Annie Sloan paints so choosing the colour scheme was really quite fun, even with a 3 year old being very inquisitive in a shop full of amazing vintage pieces! (He was particularly taken with a fab marching drum in vibrant colours that we may have to go back and buy if I can find a spot for it.) I opted for Annie Sloan English Yellow  and Annie Sloan Graphite as my two main colours. Recently we purchased an IKEA Urban chair for G which is the perfect height for sitting at the table and eating comfortably. I can really recommend this purchase as he has sat far more at the table and will draw and make crafts for a lot longer as I think it is so much more comfortable for him than the standard size dining chair we have. The design is quite modern and minimalist so creating a slightly funky colour scheme I thought this chair would fit really well around the table too.

dining table upcycling 1 dining table upcycling 2dining table upcycling 3

So from boring and mismatched wood to………

chalk painted dining table

annie sloan painted dining table

Ed was not sure at all whilst I was painting it, but he really liked the end result (which was a huge relief!) We waxed the table and chairs to make sure they were waterproof and it also helps the paint remain much stronger. We are planning on putting up the extra large gazebo we have from the pub and a few of my friends from the village and I are going to have a day of ‘upcycling’. The interest has been amazing as I thought it would only be a few of us but we are pushing nearly 10 people now which should make it really fun. We just need to set a date and I have to stop painting things in the house so I have some tasks to do on the day!


1. Clean everything down really well before you start.

2. Have brushes in different sizes as you soon realize you need them.

3. Leave each coat to dry before adding to it or I found the chalk paint can go a bit claggy.

4. Don’t worry about the colour until it is dried, waxed and left for a while.

Upcycled kitchen cabinets with chalk paint

I haven’t been able to update on here for a bit but couldn’t wait to share my upcycled kitchen cabinets. we have been so busy, with the school holidays, my granny’s funeral and family flying in from all over the world it has been a bit of a whirlwind. We were all together to celebrate Granny Vi’s life and honour her memory which was really special. The family have slowly dispersed now and life in our corner of the Cotswolds seems to be slowly getting back to our normal routine.

Last week after watching one too many Fill Your House for Free I decided to give our kitchen a bit of a revamp. We live in an estate cottage which has not been updated for a while. Whilst it is not the prettiest kitchen it is totally functional and does the job. However I decided the 80’s pine look had to go.

DSC_0158 DSC_0160 DSC_0161

Armed with nothing more that a tin of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey I set to work. We are really lucky to have a shop nearby called Vintage & Paint that sells Annie Sloan Paints so I was able to start as soon as the idea was stuck in my head. Our little kitchen went from this to this…………

DSC_0165 DSC_0168 DSC_0170 DSC_0171

I am so pleased with the transformation which came in at £18.95 for 1 tin of Annie Sloan Paris Grey, £8.45 for a tin of wax (which makes the chalk paint wipeable) and 9 hours of hard graft. Much cheaper than installing a new kitchen which we were contemplating. Now I just need to source some great art work for the walls, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!