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Hello and welcome to my blog Playing Parent. I am Dominique and I started my blogging journey in 2011 after becoming a parent. I had gone from someone who was constantly out and about, working as a teacher, a hectic social life to being a stay at home mum and business partner to my husband. We were living in a small, cramped flat above the country pub we run and I discovered the world of blogs. I was suffering from Post Natal Depression but had no idea I was. I had just presumed the feelings I was experiencing was the overwhelming responsibility of parenthood, but reading those blogs made me realise that parenting was fun and enjoyable and above amazing. Looking through and reading all the amazing blogs gave me a connection with the outside world. I sought help and with the support of my lovely GP, husband and family I have made it to the other side. When we finally moved out of the flat and into a cottage in the village I had the time and space to think about taking my own steps into the blogging world.

I am constantly feeling that I am ‘playing’ at being a parent! Children come with no manual and I am constantly trying to work out if I am doing this parenting thing correctly! I love crafts and photography and these are elements that feature strongly here. I love Pintrest and the imagery of beautiful crafts, interiors and becoming a more organised household. I also regularly contribute to a panel on BBC Gloucestershire radio.

I hope you have enjoyed dropping by and I look forward to sharing our far from perfect but fun life with you. This blog is about celebrating the fun in life and helping people understand we don’t have to be perfect to be great.

Lots of Love

Dominique xxx


You can contact me via dominique.simpson@hotmail.com

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