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As I  am still finding my way in the blogosphere, meeting some lovely and interesting people I thought maybe it was time to let people know a little bit more about me. Hope you still like me at the end of it!


1)     I used to be a teacher but I know help my husband run our country pub in the Cotswolds The Golden Ball Inn


2)    I speak fluent Hungarian. My grandfather was the person who cut down the Stalin statue in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising and had to flee with his young family when the Russians returned a week later.



3)    As a family we love camping and are back to Ile d’Oleron this summer after a great camping trip last year.



4)   I was born at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and grew up in Birmingham, but everyone comments that I don’t have a Brummie accent. I feel very proud that Malala Yousafzai is now a pupil at my old school.



5)    Growing up in Birmingham in the 1990’s I was a big Indie Kid and loved The Wonder Stuff. Some of my best friends (even today) and I were in their Caught In My Shadow video filmed in the streets of Brum. Caught In My Shadow video by The Wonder Stuff



6)    I am the eldest of four children. If you ask them they would all say I am bit bossy but I call this strong!



7)   Our son was chosen to be Kevin Whatelys’ grandson in an episode of Lewis. We were there all morning for a photo shoot and the photo appeared on a bedside table in the episode ‘Fearful Symmetry’.



8) I think Kirstie Allsopp is amazing. Shoot me down if you wish…..



9) We recently moved into a house with a Rayburn which I am slowly learning how to cook with.

2014-05-30 13.02.10

10)   I am loving writing my blog.


A little bit about who I am, what I like and how I came to be the person I am today.


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3 Responses to 10 Things About Me – Playing Parent

  1. A great insight into the person behind your blog :) Running the pub sounds like such fun but I can imagine there is a lot of hard work involved too..so lovely to be able to live and work with your husband though :) And WOW at your family history!! x

    • admin says:

      Ahh thanks! The pub is good fun but can give us a few sleepless nights as well…. Sometimes though I just want a husband not always a business partner but we get through those moments x

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